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TMI Tag – Get to know me

 Joanna Svärd pro

1: What are you wearing?

Black leggings and a black sweater with broderies of red roses
2: Ever been in love?

Yes, a couple of times and now married to Mr.J.
3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

Oh yes.
4: How tall are you?

171 cm.
5: How much do you weigh?

6: Any tattoos?

No. Love them on other people though.
7: Any piercings?

Yes, belly piercing.
8: OTP?

What does this mean?
9: Favorite Show?

All time favourite is the swedish show På Spåret and then True Blood, Sex and the City, Downton Abbey, Elementary,
10: Favorite bands?

Creed, John Mayer etc.
11: Something you miss?

Being little and having no resposibilities.
12: Favorite song?

One last breath – Creed.
13: How old are you?

14: Zodiac sign?

15: Quality you look for in a partner?

Humor, caring and positive
16: Favorite Quote?

There’s too many.
17: Favorite actor?

Kate Winslet.
18: Favorite color?

Turqoise, Blue/Green.
19: Loud music or soft?

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

My room and listen to music.
21: How long does it take you to shower?

5-15 min. I would love to take longer but I don’t like to waste water.
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends on where I’m going but an ordinary day about an hour from bed to finish.
23: Ever been in a physical fight?

24: Turn on?

Confidence and charm.
25: Turn off?

26: The reason I joines Youtube and started a blog?

YouTube – because i love watching and there isn’t a lot of content with organic and natural products that is great to watch. Blog – because I love photography and to write.
27: Fears?

Seclusion. Snakes.
28: Last thing that made you cry?

An article.
29: Last time you said you loved someone?

Like 15 min ago to Mr.J.
30: Meaning behind your YouTube and Blog URL?

Just my name and profession.
31: Last book you read?

Getting things done by David Allen.
32: The book you’re currently reading?

Economista by Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius
33: Last show you watched?

The big bang theory
34: Last person you talked to?

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

Long time friend.
36: Favorite food?

37: Place you want to visit?

Thailand for obvious reasons, Japan, France, Italy and the list goes on.


38: Last place you were?
Last place I traveled to was Denmark.
39: Do you have a crush?Yes on Mr. J.
40: Last time you kissed someone?

This morning.
41: Last time you were insulted?

Can’t remember.
42: Favourite flavour of sweet?

I much more prefer salt so chips and dip.
43: What instruments do you play?

A little guitar and sing in the shower.
44: Favourite piece of jewelry?

My wedding ring.
45: Last sport you played?

46: Last song you sang?

All I want for Christmas.
47: Favourite chat up line?

In swedish ”Tjena kexet, står du här och smular”

In english ”I should call you Google, because you have everything I’m looking for.


48:Have you ever used it?

Yes, for fun.
49: Last time you hung out with anyone?

Last night with Mr.J.
50: Who should answer these questions next?

Mr.J, My cousins, Sara & Karolina.



Joanna Svärd är ekologisk makeupartist, hårstylist och fotograf. Följ med henne för de bästa hudvård och sminktipsen och bakom kulisserna på bröllop, plåtningar och YouTube.

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