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Professional Video Maker Project

Behind the scenes with Marcus showing me some footage.

Dear fellow beauty nerds, I have been keeping a secret from you for a while. I have teamed up with Mohave Media and the amazing videographers Christofer and Marcus with a video project to show my work. We have filmed an inspirational video about my work as a makeup artist and I am so excited for them to cut it and send it to me. It has been a dream of mine for some time now to have a professional videographer team behind a film project to learn as much as I can for my YouTube. Now it is done and it feels amazing. We had a lovely day together, feeling so blessed to be able to do this with such generous and simply great people.


Are you excited? I know I am <3


xo, J



Joanna Svärd är ekologisk makeupartist, hårstylist och fotograf. Följ med henne för de bästa hudvård och sminktipsen och bakom kulisserna på bröllop, plåtningar och YouTube.

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