Birthday Girl

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Så fint väder! Svärdföräldrarna skickade grattis med en bild på ett snötäckt Östergötland. Vilken skillnad!

Idag är det ingen vanlig dag för det är min 29:onde födelsedag. Vi startade mysigt med frukost och varm choklad i trädgården för att sedan dricka lite te med min farmor. Vi har så vackert föder med klarblå himmel och runt 4 plusgrader, kallt men fint.

Nu ska jag gå och göra mig i ordning för jag ska på dejt med min man. Vi ska ut och äta i Lund och sedan på bio. Han har bokat IT och jag är så spänd på om jag kan uppskatta det eller om jag kommer att tycka att det är för läskigt. Älskar Bill Skarsgård och förvandlingen ser magisk ut på trailern vilket gör att jag har stora förhoppningar om filmen.

Xo Joanna


Bridal & Wedding Makeup

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So in love with these photos of me & Fanny Å.

Wedding makeup is so amazing and I’m so happy to be able to be there for an event like your wedding. It is so special and I love to get the bride & groom to feel extra beautiful on their day. In december I have a winter wedding and I am going to do the makeup, I’m so excited and hopefully I will be able to post about it as well.

xo, Joanna

Vacay in Spain

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We found paradise in Spain.

We are visiting a couple of friends living in Torremolinos near Malaga. A dream come true to live in this amazing weather. We are here to celebrate Jonny’s 30th birthday and of course visit our friends.

Personally I’m fighting psoriasis and it’s a LOT easier managing it here. I feel like I am going to have to book another trip in a couple of months to look forward to. It’s easier to deal with it then.
Now we are watching a movie after a lovely Italian dinner at Ciao Bella, delicious.


Xo Joanna

Professional Video Maker Project

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Behind the scenes with Marcus showing me some footage.

Dear fellow beauty nerds, I have been keeping a secret from you for a while. I have teamed up with Mohave Media and the amazing videographers Christofer and Marcus with a video project to show my work. We have filmed an inspirational video about my work as a makeup artist and I am so excited for them to cut it and send it to me. It has been a dream of mine for some time now to have a professional videographer team behind a film project to learn as much as I can for my YouTube. Now it is done and it feels amazing. We had a lovely day together, feeling so blessed to be able to do this with such generous and simply great people.


Are you excited? I know I am <3


xo, J


In love with | Pinterest

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I am so in love with Pinterest and the inspiration I get from scrolling down page after page with ideas, beautiful interior, makeup and wish lists. My current wishlist looks like this.

I cannot believe how I would have got brought our wedding without this tool. It is simply amazing for all types of ideas, planning, inspiration and solving problems. Are you guys using Pinterest?

xo, J

30th Birthday Wish: I <3 New York

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I really want to go to New York and experience the architecture, central park, shopping and street food. Just to sit in a busy coffeee shop and sip on an espresso watching people rushing by. This is my only wish for my 30th birthday. Okej, also want to visit Woodbury outlet to shop from Kate Spade – my favourite designer. So I’m just 28 and in november I’m turning 29yo so my loved ones have a fair amount of time to make this happen, twink! 😉


Please give me your trip advices on New York!


Xo Joanna



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Hi there,

I´m going to switch to english here and on my YouTube because I see most of my viewers are from english-speaking countries. I still love Sweden and Skåne and will talk about where I live and reference to the swedish community. I also think that it works better with the english language for the purpose of speaking in makeup terms. I feel so excited and tomorrow I´m going to Spain on vacation and will bring along my camera and maybe do a vacay vlog. What do you think? Would you want to see a vlog of my holiday?


xo Joanna